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Medicare discussion while camping

Medicare Supplement Plans are designated by letters. There is a Plan A. There is a Plan B. And so on.

There are 10 plans that are currently sold.

These plans are sold by private insurers and supplement “Original Medicare.” Original Medicare consists of Parts (not to be confused with Plans) A and B.

You will need to have Original Medicare in order to have a Medicare Supplement. This is because Medicare Parts A and B will cover the bulk of most medical expenses.

Original Medicare does most of the heavy lifting and a Medicare Supplement pays some or all of the deductibles, copay or other cost shares that would otherwise be paid for by the consumer.

Each of the lettered plans is covers you a little differently than the rest. Plan A covers the least even though it costs the most. Plan F covers the most.

For more information about how each plan can cover your medical expenses, you can visit

None of the currently sold Medicare Supplement Pans covers prescription drugs. Most advisors recommend that you purchase a separate Prescription Drug Plan if you decide to enroll in a Medicare Supplement

Not everyone chooses have a Medicare Supplement Plan. You can choose to get coverage through a Medicare Advantage Plan instead of a combination of Original Medicare, a Medicare Supplement and a Prescription Drug Plan.

Medicare Supplements pay some or all of the deductibles and copays that Original Medicare does not pay.

Medicare Advantage Policies do not supplement Original Medicare. Although you will have copays or other cost shares for most expenses, the private insurer behind your Medicare Advantage Plan will pay most of your medical expenses.

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