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You may know that neither Medicare Part A, Medicare Part B, nor any currently sold Medicare Supplement covers prescription drugs, at least not the typical prescription drugs a pharmacist from Walgreens is likely to put into a pill bottle and hand you.

But that is not the piece of information that shocked me. You can get drug coverage inexpensively from most Medicare Advantage Plans (Part C) or from a Medicare Prescription Drug Plan (Part D). (We can help you with either type of plan.). So, the fact that the newer Medicare Supplement plans lack drug coverage isn’t that big of a deal.

But this may be a big deal for you…

I recently discovered that you might be able to save a ton of money on the cost of your drugs if you switch to the right pharmacy. In fact, for some using the right pharmacy can be more important than buying the right Medicare health plan. Maybe this is the case for you.

Some of my clients cut their costs in half by switching from CVS to Walgreens.

(Walgreens is very competitive in 2017, however this may not be the case next year. Also, sometimes CVS or another pharmacy has a lower cost for a particular client. Different drugs have different cost at different pharmacies.)

You can check with your local pharmacies one by one to see which one will give you the best rates for your most expensive prescriptions. But there is a short-cut. You can use to check all your local pharmacies in just a few minutes.

You’re probably smart enough to figure out how to use on your own, but if you want to another short-cut, you can download the guide I wrote (or simply call me). It is a 21-page guide designed to help you enroll in Medicare and find the best Medicare Supplement or Medicare Health Plan for your needs. It includes a section on how to use to find the lowest cost local pharmacy for your specific list of drugs.

After you request the guide, you will get an email with a download link. You will also start receiving tips in your email inbox that are specifically written with Connecticut families in mind.

Questions? Just call me. I represent all but one of the Medicare Health Plans available in Connecticut and would love to answer your questions.

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