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Are Your Doctors in The Network? Unless you want to risk having a strange doctor aggressively exam your half nude body with a cold stethoscope during your next annual exam, you should make sure your doctors are in the network of any plan you enroll in. If You Decide to Enroll in a Medicare Supplement

Medicare discussion while camping

How does rank the plans in your area? Wouldn’t it be nice if there were an unbiased source that would give you a list of all plans in your area and then put the plans in order of which plan is likely to be best for you? Without a crystal ball, selecting the absolute

Medicare Prescription Drug Store

Which policies include your prescriptions on their formulary (list of covered drugs)? You might as well drill a big hole in the bottom of your bank account if you overlook this question. If you take any expensive drugs or think you might in the near future getting the right drug coverage will keep more of

Will You Need Non-Emergency Medical Care While Traveling? To start at the beginning of this series click here. Imagine yourself in an emergency room far from home. The ER doctor wants you to undergo an expensive test after your accident. You thought you were fine, but the nurses look worried. So, you’re worried. You’re worried

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CT Medicare Medical Insurance — 5 Questions to Ask Before Enrolling Introduction Tens of thousands of dollars of unpaid medical bills, or worse — a denial of life saving medical care can be the result of enrolling in the wrong Medicare insurance plan. Fortunately, when you finish reading this series you will see how easy

Medicare discussion while camping

Medicare Supplement Plans are designated by letters. There is a Plan A. There is a Plan B. And so on. There are 10 plans that are currently sold. These plans are sold by private insurers and supplement “Original Medicare.” Original Medicare consists of Parts (not to be confused with Plans) A and B. You will

If Medicare wasn’t confusing enough, there are both Medicare Parts A, B, C and D and Medicare Plans A, B, C and D. Let’s talk about the Parts of Medicare today. We will talk about the Plans in the next post. “Original Medicare” consists of Medicare Part A and Part B. The first Medicare enrollees

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If I were still blessed with the earthly presence of my mother, I’d like to think she would buy her Medicare Plan from me. But maybe not. I doubt she ever forgot my irresponsible teen age years. And my irresponsible teen age years extended into my twenties. But mom was very forgiving so she’d probably

Question 1 – Are My Doctors in the Network of the Medicare Plan? This is a big one, especially if you have a health condition. If your doctor does not accept your plan you will probably wind up paying the full price for his or her services. When checking to see if your doctors are

Medicare Prescription Drug Store

You may know that neither Medicare Part A, Medicare Part B, nor any currently sold Medicare Supplement covers prescription drugs, at least not the typical prescription drugs a pharmacist from Walgreens is likely to put into a pill bottle and hand you. But that is not the piece of information that shocked me. You can